Brand recognition

UIL FU’s concise enterprise identification consists of bright yellow and peacock blue. Triangle stands for enterprise spirit and management philosophy in safety first, employee care, and technology application, and commits to provide normalized, standardized, and efficient products. The circle frame symbolizes providing customers firm products and satisfied service through continuous effort.


UIL FU AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY CO., LTD is responsible for own brand and product marketing.


CENTRAL AUTOPARTS INDUSTRY CO., LTD is responsible for R&D design and manufacturing.

From factory design to product design and implementation of safety first, this is the persistence and code of the company’s employees and customers.

The company’s entrepreneurial spirit adheres to safety first. It not only integrates the design of the plant into the corporate identity, but also implements the work environment and operating rules to every employee. This is the intention of the company to take care of the employees. This kind of intention also hopes to pass employees to each product, provide good quality products, and ensure the safety of vehicles.

From education and training to employee welfare, consistent employee care, this is the intention and belief of Yufu to employees.

We believes that good employees have good products and services. The growth of the company must come from the growth of employees. We firmly believe that employees are the company’s most valuable assets, so we are committed to creating a quality workplace environment, providing perfect education and training and excellent employee benefits, and organizing various employee activities on a regular basis. We also value mutual trust with our customers and adhere to long-term, honest customer relationships to maintain the company’s steady growth.

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