Uil Fu adopts the superior Shell Grease-Shell Alvania Grease RA-J

Shell Alvania Grease RA-J is a low-temperature, high-speed lithium soap-based grease with excellent heat resistance and water resistance, especially at low temperatures.

Shell Albaniya Grease RA-J uses lithium soap as a thickener and a high-viscosity and highly-refined ore. Uses grease as base oil, adding antioxidant and rust inhibitors. Shell Alvania Grease RA-J could be used at temperature as low as -40°C. In addition, rolling bearing works at extremely high speed. It could also be used for light and medium load sliding bearings.

Working Temperature Range (-40°C to 130°C)

Characteristics of Shell Albaniya Grease RA-J

1.Environmental Concern
Shell Albaniya Grease RA-J doesn’t use raw materials that bring adverse influence on the global environment. This helps protect the environment and assure the safe working environment.

2.Outstanding Low Temperature
As it uses highly-refined and low-viscosity mineral oil as the base oil, it has low starting torque and outstanding performance at low temperatures. It performs lubricity.

3. Wide Working Temperature Range (-40°C to 130°C)
This grease is mainly developed for low temperature and high speed, but since it uses highly-refined base oil, it’s relatively high for warmth. 

4. Outstanding Antirust Performance
Its outstanding antirust performance remains even under high humidity. It could be used as antirust grease.

5. Outstanding Acoustic Features
Satisfactory results could be obtained for the severe acoustic characteristics that electric motors require. 

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