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Steering and suspension components

Higher value and lower cost

Do whatever you like to drive the future

Provides a stable power steering system for auto

Made in Taiwan, standard quality

We provide more than 7,352 model products that are in line with the original factory standards and manufactured throughout Taiwan.

Severe environments require reliable support

Professional casting, tempering and tempering, quality control


Choose Uil Fu

CNC Milling Machine

By developing our own molds, we increase our productivity.

Superior Quality to Our Competitors

The shock absorption, aseismatic design, corrosion resistance and weatherability of our products satisfy the global markets.

Customization Services

We provide worldwide OEM customization services, including original car models, modified car parts, modified reinforcement and cooperative production.

Product Signs and Security

Parts of the product are inscribed with CENTRAL and Made in Taiwan signs to provide identification.

What is Car Steering System?

A series of devices used to change or maintain the direction of the car’s driving or reversing is called the steering system. The function of the car steering system is to control the driving direction of the car according to the wishes of the driver. When the car is in the process of driving, it …

Exquisite ball socket manufacturing

In auto steering system, ball joint is for connecting special structure of each part. Almost all parts have this structure. Through design such as ball studs, lubricate oil, bearing, and spring, the two connected parts can spin freely on two planes simultaneously. At the same time, this prevents shifting in any direction, and allows steering …


Our Certification

According to the ISO9001/TS16949 international standards, from the inspection of raw materials to various stages of product production, packaging and shipping, the products are inspected with strict standards.


International Certification

Received ISO9001/TS16949 international standards, product quality is guaranteed.

Patent Design

We are constantly acquiring patents for product innovation to improve our products as one of our corporate missions.

Made in Taiwan

Combining Taiwan’s excellent industrial technology industrial chain and talented technologies, it is close to materials, technology, and talent to provide efficient, flexible delivery schedules and price competitiveness.

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