Core Strength

We regard the manufacture of automobile steering parts as the creation of exquisite handicrafts, and holds a rigorous attitude towards every link in the manufacturing process.

Abundant experience‧strong team

UIL FU has more than fifty years of practical experience, and has abundant R&D and manufacturing technic, as well as raising strong strength team. With database more than 7000 auto suspension and steering parts brands and models, not only can we take various product needs into account, but also constantly innovate more competitive products.

  • Team with fifty years of practical experience
  • Database more than 7000 brands and model parts
  • Constantly receiving patents for R&D of individual product

Standard design‧superior competitiveness

UIL FU uses reserve engineering to analyze material, appearance, and size in order to grasp genuine design standard. With superb manufacturing process, we manufacture superior products, and products’ material and function are tested through rust resistance, acidity, and strength etc. Based on standard and aim for surpassing genuine, we build superior product competitiveness.

  • Standard design: reverse engineering, ensuring products are accurate and in consist with genuine design.
  • Reasonable price: More competitive price.
  • Excellent quality: After actual testing, quality exceeds standard.
  • Complete range: You can find full range of auto chassis suspension and steering parts here.

Quality management‧international certification

We follow ISO9001 / TS16949 international standard. From raw material testing to each stage of production and packaging, we use strict standard for testing products. Only with precise inspection can achieve perfect quality. Only when our customer is at ease can we create extraordinary value.

  • ISO9001
  • TS16949

MADE IN TAIWAN‧We are reliable

Combining industrial technology industry and talent technology, integrate steel and plastic raw material with various anti-rust treatment, electrophoretic deposition, coating, chemical oxidation, thermal spray processing. With industry chain close to materials, technology, and talent, we provide efficient and flexible delivery date and price competitiveness. We achieve maximum benefit for our customers in between product quality, exquisite appearance, and production cost.

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