We provide control arm in accordance with international quality standard.

Important components in the vehicle suspension system

Control arm connects to chassis and carries car wheel’s vertical suspension or articulated suspension linkage between wheel rims. The body is usually made up by thin metal plate such as stamped steel, cast aluminum, or cast iron so that it withstand the braking force created by spinning, and maintain chassis stability and stabilizes position of car wheels and shock absorber to reduce swaying when driving. This avoids unstable conditions to happen when driving.

Design: Double wishbone type, strut type, multi-link type, and trailing arm type, etc.

Reminder: When control arm is damaged, it will cause tires to wear out abnormally, and this will cause steering wheel to shake. When severe, it may cause tires to come off. When control arm bushing is damaged, there will be a sound of metals rubbing against each other.

Unless there is major impact force, control arm body does not break easily. Usually the part that is damaged is bushing. Therefore, in areas that have low labor cost, people will only change bushing. However, in areas that have high labor cost, they will change the entire control arm.

Customized Service

We understand your needs, so we provide customized services to create the ideal product that fits your mind.

  • 3D design, Accurate and Correct
  • Excellent material, Cast Molding
  • CNC machining, Precise Efficiency
  • Custom Color, Professional Processing
  • Surface Treatment, Various Solutions
  • Multiple Security, Brand Positioning
  • Trust Measurement, Quality Assurance
  • Complete Packaging, Efficient Shipping


Based on different types, control arm’s body is made up by a piece of metal or arm shape steel structure, and paired together with a ball joint and one or two front and rear bushing.

UIL FU’s control arm is durable, and body is lightweight and uses high intensity steel plate. Surface is treated with anti-rust powder coating, and can withstand exposure in harsh road conditions such as rain, snow, gravel, and mud.

Lightweight strength design, material strength is better than international standard.

Made by high quality stamping steel, aluminum, forged steel or cast iron material. Fits with genuine standard, and has good capacity.

Material and steel sleeve is tested with tensile and rubber elasticity to ensure durability of every part meets genuine standard.

All metal wishbone and control arm is processed with antioxidant treatment. By using powder coating, they are anti-rust, impact resistance, and can increase use life. At the same time, the appearance is exquisite.

Aluminum alloy made control arm is tested strictly to ensure bushing does not come off.

Manufacturing process

We considers that the products are suitable for all kinds of harsh weather conditions and road conditions. Through global service feedback, we collect environmental data of local roads. R&D products are strictly measured and calculated, and materials are strictly checked, and the manufacturing process is constantly pursuing better construction methods. Provide reliable products.

Production process

From the mold design, processing, stamping, forging, cutting, drilling, welding, quality control, product assembly to finished product packaging, each process affects the quality of the product, and the company strives to improve its quality and efficiency by standardizing the production process. At the same time to meet the needs of customers.

Complete product model

Up to more than 7,000 kinds of product parts data database to meet the needs of different brand models and vintage parts.

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