Exquisite ball socket manufacturing

In auto steering system, ball joint is for connecting special structure of each part. Almost all parts have this structure.

宥富球頭(ball and socket,中文或稱球頭銷)零件圖

Through design such as ball studs, lubricate oil, bearing, and spring, the two connected parts can spin freely on two planes simultaneously. At the same time, this prevents shifting in any direction, and allows steering and suspension parts to more freely and flexible.

Ball joint is a special structure used to connect parts in a car steering system. It works similarly to the ball-and-socket design of the human hip joint. In automotive parlance, ball joint usually refers to the primary ball joint connections at the ends of the control arms, and used in other parts as well, including tie rod ends and etc.

A good ball joint design must be designed with precision, strong body, and smooth rotation to provide a stable driving experience.

Various parts of the ball joint

  1. Ball housing
  2. Dust cover 
  3. ower Cap
  4. Cotter Pin
  5. Grease fitting
  6. Nylon Insert Hex Nut
  7. Castle Nud
  8. Upper Ring
  9. Lower Cap
  10. Lower Ring(Circlip)
  11. Tension Spring
  12. Plastic Bearing POM
  13. Machined stud hat with grease channel
  14. Semi-sphere ball stud
  15. Steel Bearing
  16. Ball Stud with High-frequency induction hardening
  17. Iupital POM Bearings
  18. Chrome-plated steel ball 

On the right side of the image is a physical section of the ball joint. The ball stud is matched with the parts through precise CNC machining. It will have the best torque value and can rotate freely in two planes.

The characteristics of the ball joint

We product various ball joints can maintain for a long service life a certain optimum rotating torque value and a certain optimum swivelling torque value. Through accurate processing and assembling, products have superior features:

  • Swing angle fits with genuine design, providing good rotation function.
  • With low axial clearance value and extremely low friction torque, it does not wear easily, thus ensuring steering is lightweight and easy to operate, and not causing wheels to sway and abnormal noise.
  • High roundness of ball stud extends use life and lowers noise while driving.
  • Dust cover uses high quality plastic. It resists from -50 degrees Celsius to 130 degrees Celsius, and is durable. This effectively seals and protects from dirt and moisture.
  • Applying high quality grease, Multi-purpose EP grease (MP EP), can resist from water, ageing, erosion, and wearing down. MP EP has good adhesion and lubrication, and is compatible with rubber parts. 
  • Work temperature is stable and ranges from -40 degrees Celsius to 160 degrees Celsius.
  • High intensity pull-out test to practically test the product is better than genuine.
  • All made in Taiwan.
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